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About Us


My Passion

My name is Andrew Trujillo, and I am the creative genius behind TruBlue Productions.  I have always had a passion for capturing the beauty of people, places, and things.   I love traveling, sports (particularly the Denver Broncos), and producing new and different one-of-a-kind "art" pieces for myself and others.  If you have dreamed of it, I can help you bring it to fruition. 


My Process

When I am taking pictures, my preference is to use the natural light of the outdoors.  I do not photograph in a studio with stock backgrounds.  We do our own editing and production, so we do not take on a job unless we believe we can deliver excellence  When I am creating Bronco fan apparel and gear, I consider my own passionate love for the Broncos and only take to production what I am most excited about in my creations.


Your Pleasure

If you need your photos to be as special as the occasion you are celebrating, call us today to discuss what we can do for you.  If you are a Broncos fan like me, let's show our team spirit #unitedinorange!

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